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March 30, 2010

Craftjuice Tuesday

Craftjuice is a site aimed at promoting  all things handmade. Basically it is a sharing site where you can show off what you have created and vote for other people’s creations. If you want to buy any of the things on there you can view the story, then click on the title. This will take you to the item’s url. These are my favourite things this week. Guess the theme!

This is described as a “slumped wine bottle cheese plate” and I’ve never seen anything like it! Apparently it took 13 hours in a kiln to get it in this position and it would be a great talking point at any dinner party! It was created by bprdesigns.

This amazing bowl is made by Bryan Parks for Eco Emporia  from chopsticks that were headed for landfill! What an amazing idea!



I’ve often wondered what to do with floppy disks – this is the best use I’ve seen so far! It’s made by The Geekery Shop.

Yup, I went for a recycled theme this week!

March 28, 2010

Dan finally got a rosette with a number on!

It was a show weekend this weekend so no paper mache work to report other than an almost ready to paint weasel and a couple of very small, quick pieces which I’ll post about tomorrow.

It was the UKA Waverunners show today at Newbury Showground and as usual it was blowing a gale there but at least the promised rain held off! I was very proud , if a little cold, today as Dan got 4th in the
Beginners Agility! His time wasn’t great (47 point something secs) and
he was 5s behind 3rd place (another of our club’s members) but it’s only his second agility clear
ever! The course was nice and simple with a couple of more testy bits
as it was being run as Novice too. The weave entry wasn’t
straightforward but as it was run on his more comfortable side he
managed it and did all 12. I was such a proud owner!
Myrtle on the other hand was a complete moose. I had great hopes for
the Jumping as it was a lovely course but as soon as we got to the
weaves she took off. I got her back and she did the weaves only to
take off again. I called it a day at that point! The agility was the
same course as Dan (obviously!) and she managed the first 2 jumps and
the tunnel before she took off again – this time to dig manically in a
heap of sand… The steeplechase was my last hope for her as she was
bound to be tired by this point. She did the first 6 or 7 jumps quite
nicely and then took off to raid the food van. She caused much
merriment, thankyou Sharon 😉 and at least she had a great time. I am
forlornly hanging on to the belief that it takes 6 months for what
they are doing at training to translate to the ring – please let it be true!

March 26, 2010

Copyright issues in reusing old books

I have recently had an idea about using some old books as decoration on my paper mache as at the school I work at a couple of books have been thrown away as they were beyond repair. However, I am concerned about possibly infringing the copyright  of the author/illustrator by using them. After receiving some good advice on this from the craft forum I think I will contact the copyright owners and find out if I need permission just in case. I’ll let you know what they say…

March 23, 2010

Cupcake Box – The final unveiling!!

Sooner than anticipated, I have finished painting the cupcake box, woohoo! I have yet to varnish it but I couldn’t wait to post it, so here it is and I hope you like it:


I’m still undecided though when it comes to decorating the cake case. I’d quite like to decoupage some cherries on it but I don’t know. Any thoughts are more than welcome! You may have noticed that I opted for a chocolate cake as opposed to a plain sponge. There are two reasons for that; 1. I LOVE chocolate and 2. My colour mixing abilities are somewhat limited so I thought that chocolate colour would be easier!

March 23, 2010

Completed 3D picture

Well, I painted the 3D picture last night and here it is:

I painted it to resemble verdigris copper and highlighted with a copper rubbing wax. The overall colour was a little darker than I’d hoped but I’m pleased nonetheless! The cupcake box needs a little more painting and I hope to be posting the finished box tomorrow, with luck!

March 23, 2010

CraftJuice Tuesday

Craftjuice is a site aimed at promoting  all things handmade. Basically it is a sharing site where you can show off what you have created and vote for other people’s creations. If you want to buy any of the things on there you can view the story, then click on the title. This will take you to the item’s url. These are my favourite things this week…


A gorgeous ring by adrienneaudrey. I love the detail on this ring.

These gorgeous buttons are by Hodgepodgearts


This is such an amazing looking clock that I wouldn’t care what the time was! It is made by The Little Glass Kiln.

March 22, 2010

How to make a 3D paper mache picture – Updated

Hi, since I posted the original tutorial I have had time to think and I am now going to post a slightly better way of doing it!

Instead of using the card backing, I have tried doing it by putting a layer of cling film over a piece of wood with the design underneath. I have done the rest as before but the cling film means that there is no chance of the piece warping. The film can be peeled off once it’s dry and the design used again. I hope this helps!

March 21, 2010

3D Picture continued

In case you were wondering, I haven’t forgotten the cupcake box! I am almost at the painting stage and I prefer to “bulk paint” so I am waiting until I have a couple of things to paint.

I used paper mache clay to do the background of my 3D picture in the end. I did it first with paper strips using some left over wallpaper paste from my husband’s decorating. I neglected to realise that as he was putting thick lining paper up with it that he had made it with more water than normal so I ended up removing it all and doing it again :(. The backing had warped slightly due to the excess water in the paste but it is recoverable! I haven’t got a picture at the moment as I simply haven’t taken one (lazy mare!). At this stage there is a few choices you can make:

1. To sand or not? If you want a nice smooth finish to it you can go over it carefully with sand paper. Remember not to press too hard or it will crack! 

2. To add a finishing coat or not? Again, you may want to do this if you want a smooth finish or to fill in any small gaps. I picked this tip up from this site. Simply mix PVA glue and filler! The ratio depends on how thin you want it but I tend to go either 1:1 or 1 part filler to 2 parts PVA. For this I will probably do the latter.

Once all that has dried you can paint it however you wish! Don’t forget to varnish it to protect it!

March 20, 2010

How to make a 3D picture in Paper Mache

Last night I made a new batch of paper mache clay which whilst not quite as smooth as the previous one was, it was still better than most of my previous ones; more whisking needed me thinks!
Anyway, on to my first attempt at a basic, probably confusing, tutorial! Let me know what you think!

On Thursday I discovered some lovely Indian and Art Nouveau designs in some books from SearchPress.

I picked one of the smaller designs and enlarged it on a photocopier. I then glued the design to some card from an old cereal packet (you could use corrugated card for a really prominent finish) and cut it out with a craft knife. I put it onto card first instead of directly onto the backing so that it would be easier to find the edge of the design as I applied the PM. I then glued the card shape onto a piece of card to serve as a backing. You could use hardboard or even an artist’s canvas but I prefer free stuff! Corrugated card (the kind that you get in packing boxes) is best as it doesn’t warp so much.  To be really certain that it won’t warp you could even use an ice-cream tub lid or other unrecyclable plastic lid. I have found to my cost that if you apply PM directly on card, it will absorb the liquid and warp ;). I then covered the whole thing with masking tape using a pencil to press it into the edges of the design. Then the fun (if fiddly) bit, applying the PM! I used paper mache clay (recipe from the Ultimate Paper Mache site; link on right hand side!) but it would work equally well with traditional paper strips and paste. I am undecided at the moment as to whether I would be better off finishing it with the paper strips or paper clay but I am erring towards the strips as they will give the whole thing a united look (if that makes sense!). I’ll let you know what I decide later!
This is how it looks so far…

March 18, 2010

Cupcake Box Part 3

I’ve got a bit further with this box this week. Last night I made a new batch of paper clay and it was the best, least lumpy batch I’ve made! Unfortunately I’d run out of premixed filler so I used powered, make-it-yourself filler and whilst it made a good clay, it also set in the airtight tub overnight! Lesson learnt; if I’m going to use this again, I’ll have to use it all in one go!

This is the cupcake so far (excuse the fish in the background!)

I’m quite pleased with how it has turned out so far though I’ll probably ruin it when it comes to painting as that’s the part I’m not too good at!

As I have agility training tonight I’ll have to leave it until tomorrow…