Agility Dogs

I may have mentioned that I do agility with my dogs and as it is Crufts week I thought it would be a good time to introduce them! I have done agility for about 4 years with my anti-social mongrel Dan and for about 18 months with my gregarious lurcher Myrtle who are both rescue dogs (hence Dan’s temperament). It took 3 years of training before Dan finally stopped panicking if he did something wrong and he’s now really getting confident even if he is still a velcro dog. Myrtle is the polar opposite; she took to it immediately and is incredibly quick (she is a medium lurcher, after all!) so it’s taken me a while to get used to handling such a fast dog. She still likes to do laps when she gets over excited and this won her the “Most Entertaining Round” Trophy at a show last year (it was funny, you just have to let her run it out of her system!). I’ve got a good feeling about this show season; Dan was getting a lot of clear rounds last year, but too slow for a place and as he’s speeded up considerably as his confidence has grown we may get placed at last. Myrtle is more “suck it and see” some days she works very well, others she looses the plot completely! We’ll find out at the UKA AJAXS Show on Sunday…  Anyway, here they are:

The copyright for these photos is owned by Star Shotz


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