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March 15, 2010

A bit more Mache and a Weasel!

I’ve managed to do a little more work on the cupcake box and a project that I’ve dipped in and out of for a few weeks tonight. I found a bowl which fits inside the cake case (it’s a bit tight so I used the inside of the bowl to shrink the finished item a bit so it should fit!) and after lubricating the mould I coated the inside of it with the paper pulp (the recipe I use is courtesy of and it is so simple!). I am going to leave it to dry for a couple of days before I take it out of the mould – I learnt this lesson the hard way! Normally I would put it in the oven at a very low temperature but the mould is plastic and I don’t want to risk it! This is the pulp in the mould:

The other project I’ve been playing with is a weasel. Not the cutest subject but I like them! I made the armature a couple of months ago and then got sidetracked as I tend to do so I’ve only just picked it up again. I’ve covered the main body, the head and the face and this is how it looks so far (still wet):

It will shrink when it’s dry, but not too much with luck! I will have to go over it again with another layer of pulp to fill in any imperfections as well as finishing the body but that will have to wait until later in the week as I unfortunately have to work šŸ˜¦

Until then…

March 15, 2010

Not quite the result we were looking for!

Due to being at a show on Sunday and having to do housework on Saturday, I’ve not managed to do anything with paper mache since my last post.

I was hoping for great things (as I so often do) from this show, but 5 eliminations and 1 clear round wasn’t what I’d hoped for. Dan went clear in the steeplechase with a time of 22.35 seconds which for him was very good but put him 6th overall out of 22 dogs running. The winner did it in 15 seconds so he’s still quite slow. Hopefully his confidence will keep growing. Myrtle did some really nice work and a lot of the mistakes were due to inexperience and a lack of confidence on her part, but her waits were perfect, she got all her contacts and she did all 12 weaves so overall I was quite pleased with her!

I have been askedĀ to make a paper mache sculpture of one of our club’s president’s dogs as she is sadly leaving us to go to Scotland. I am so pleased at being asked but so nervous as it means a lot to me to get it right. Her dog, Decky, is a long-haired Border Collie so I’m going to have to put my thinking cap on to find a way of getting the long fur right! Wish me luck!