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April 30, 2010

First commission finished!

My first commission for one of our agility trainers has finally been finished – hooray! I can’t post pictures until she has been given it as I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I am very happy with it. It is the reason behind the lack of posting recently as every spare evening has been spent doing this and I’ve taken a lot of time over it making absolutely sure it’s right. Now I can continue with the rest of the unfinished projects hanging around – maybe even sell one, stranger things have happened!

On a slightly different note, we have an agility competition this weekend and with luck Myrtle may stay in the ring and Dan may actually run instead of walking! As I said, stranger things have happened…

April 18, 2010


Apologies for the lack of posting this week! This week has been very busy at work and I’ve been beavering away at the dog I’ve been asked to make which I will show you all when it’s been presented. I’ve also been asked to make a necklace cabinet by an acquaintance on the craft forum which is a birthday gift for her mother. I will be starting this next week at some point but at the moment my priority is the dog. I’ve been at an agility show all weekend which was somewhat less than successful shall we say! After 7 runs between both dogs all I came away with was 1 clear round and sunburn. Well, there’s always next weekend which will hopefully be slightly more successful and slightly less hot!

March 28, 2010

Dan finally got a rosette with a number on!

It was a show weekend this weekend so no paper mache work to report other than an almost ready to paint weasel and a couple of very small, quick pieces which I’ll post about tomorrow.

It was the UKA Waverunners show today at Newbury Showground and as usual it was blowing a gale there but at least the promised rain held off! I was very proud , if a little cold, today as Dan got 4th in the
Beginners Agility! His time wasn’t great (47 point something secs) and
he was 5s behind 3rd place (another of our club’s members) but it’s only his second agility clear
ever! The course was nice and simple with a couple of more testy bits
as it was being run as Novice too. The weave entry wasn’t
straightforward but as it was run on his more comfortable side he
managed it and did all 12. I was such a proud owner!
Myrtle on the other hand was a complete moose. I had great hopes for
the Jumping as it was a lovely course but as soon as we got to the
weaves she took off. I got her back and she did the weaves only to
take off again. I called it a day at that point! The agility was the
same course as Dan (obviously!) and she managed the first 2 jumps and
the tunnel before she took off again – this time to dig manically in a
heap of sand… The steeplechase was my last hope for her as she was
bound to be tired by this point. She did the first 6 or 7 jumps quite
nicely and then took off to raid the food van. She caused much
merriment, thankyou Sharon 😉 and at least she had a great time. I am
forlornly hanging on to the belief that it takes 6 months for what
they are doing at training to translate to the ring – please let it be true!

March 15, 2010

Not quite the result we were looking for!

Due to being at a show on Sunday and having to do housework on Saturday, I’ve not managed to do anything with paper mache since my last post.

I was hoping for great things (as I so often do) from this show, but 5 eliminations and 1 clear round wasn’t what I’d hoped for. Dan went clear in the steeplechase with a time of 22.35 seconds which for him was very good but put him 6th overall out of 22 dogs running. The winner did it in 15 seconds so he’s still quite slow. Hopefully his confidence will keep growing. Myrtle did some really nice work and a lot of the mistakes were due to inexperience and a lack of confidence on her part, but her waits were perfect, she got all her contacts and she did all 12 weaves so overall I was quite pleased with her!

I have been asked to make a paper mache sculpture of one of our club’s president’s dogs as she is sadly leaving us to go to Scotland. I am so pleased at being asked but so nervous as it means a lot to me to get it right. Her dog, Decky, is a long-haired Border Collie so I’m going to have to put my thinking cap on to find a way of getting the long fur right! Wish me luck!

March 12, 2010

Agility Dogs

I may have mentioned that I do agility with my dogs and as it is Crufts week I thought it would be a good time to introduce them! I have done agility for about 4 years with my anti-social mongrel Dan and for about 18 months with my gregarious lurcher Myrtle who are both rescue dogs (hence Dan’s temperament). It took 3 years of training before Dan finally stopped panicking if he did something wrong and he’s now really getting confident even if he is still a velcro dog. Myrtle is the polar opposite; she took to it immediately and is incredibly quick (she is a medium lurcher, after all!) so it’s taken me a while to get used to handling such a fast dog. She still likes to do laps when she gets over excited and this won her the “Most Entertaining Round” Trophy at a show last year (it was funny, you just have to let her run it out of her system!). I’ve got a good feeling about this show season; Dan was getting a lot of clear rounds last year, but too slow for a place and as he’s speeded up considerably as his confidence has grown we may get placed at last. Myrtle is more “suck it and see” some days she works very well, others she looses the plot completely! We’ll find out at the UKA AJAXS Show on Sunday…  Anyway, here they are:

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